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Have lots of concrete that needs to be pressure washed? Armada Services is your metro Atlanta area concrete cleaning and pressure washing expert. We specialize in deep cleaning concrete using hot water and mild detergents to make your slabs sparkle. Whether it is a few thousand square foot slab of concrete at your home, a neighborhood or municipal sidewalk, or several hundred thousand square feet of concrete at your commercial facility, our crews are trained and equipped to get the job done efficiently. Give us a call today at (470) 263-1235 to get started on your concrete pressure washing and cleaning.

We Bring the Volume

When cleaning large areas of commercial concrete, water volume is key. Our mobile pressure washing vehicles are equipped to deliver up to 8 gallons per minute of hot water cleaning power. If we need more water flow, we bring more vehicles and can deliver up to 32 gallons per minute when we bring our entire fleet to tackle your large commercial concrete pressure washing and cleaning job. This allows us to do the job quickly and efficiently so your project can continue forward.

There When You Need Us

Concrete cleaning is normally the final thing to get done on a job site before your project is ready to open. We get it, deadlines change, and project delays happen. You need a pressure washing contractor that has the equipment and manpower to deliver flexible around-the-clock service based on your schedule. The last thing you want to do is delay your project because you are waiting on a pressure washing contractor to get the job done. Our fleet of pressure washing vehicles is on the road daily throughout the city of Atlanta and are ready to get your concrete pressure washing job done. Give us a call today for an estimate.

Step One – A Free Moisture Inspection (Assess)

If you want your moisture tested, The Armada Man® can come and conduct readings to accurately identify moisture issues. He will also conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home, documenting any problems with photos.

Step Two – Getting the Job Done (Implement)

To help protect your home from moisture issues, your Armada Man will recommend a series of measures that create a DryZone program for your home. This process includes cleaning out the space, sealing all vents, installing a moisture-blocking polypropylene barrier, and adding moisture meters to monitor ongoing moisture levels. If necessary, a dehumidifier may also be installed.

Step Three – A Year-Round Solution (Monitor)

After installation, Armada will inspect your moisture levels periodically to be sure the moisture is controlled. The easy-to-use moisture sensor also allows you to monitor the moisture levels in your crawlspace or basement to get ahead of any growing problems.