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New concrete should not be pressured washed. Using high pressure can wash off the protective top layer. Instead high volumes of water should be used.


Pressure Washing Services for the Construction Industry

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Let’s build better, together. Armada Services makes it easy to quickly and efficiently clean up your site post-construction, enabling you to focus on the next big project.


Last Service, First Call

Pressure washing is often the last service performed after new construction is complete. Armada Services’ mobile pressure washing vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment which allows our technicians to quickly and efficiently get the job, so your project can keep moving along.


Lots & Lots of Water

Pressure washing new construction, particularly concrete, takes a bit of skill, great equipment and lots of water. Using high pressure on new concrete can ruin the structural integrity of the concrete and require that the slab be completely repoured, causing construction contractors more time and money.  Our mobile pressure washing vehicles are equipped with high gallon per minute (gpm), low PSI pressure washers that flow enough water to get surfaces clean, at low enough PSIs so that no damage is done. Our technicians didn’t learn how to pressure wash new concrete on the job, we poured slabs and tested various methods of cleaning until we figured out the best process. Rest assured when you bring Armada Services on the job site, the work will get in the quickly and efficiently.


One Company, Multiple Job Sites

We understand today’s construction contractor has jobs across various sites, we are prepared to service them all. On any given day an Armada Services pressure washing vehicle is in one of thirteen metro Atlanta counties providing pressure washing services to customers in various industries. Our four-vehicle fleet allows us to be in multiple locations at the same time, providing you with one point of contact and one standard for work quality across all your site.

Regional Accounts Program

Does your business have multiple facilities throughout Atlanta and the state of Georgia? Armada is more than happy to serve as your multi-site preferred vendor across the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia.