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Leave the Dirty Work to Us

Keeping your dumpster area clean is a tough job, particularly if you are underequipped. Food, beverages and other items can do a serious number on your dumpster pad, leaving an unpleasant trail of smelly garbage juice (there is literally not a better word). While we find the smell and runoff associated with dumpster pads unfavorable, it’s a magnet for bugs, pests and other critters. Leave the dirty work to us, we service hundreds of dumpster pads in and around metro Atlanta on a monthly basis, keeping properties clean and garbage juice free! Give us a call today at (470) 263-1235 to schedule your dumpster pad cleaning service.

Recurring Dumpster Pad Cleaning Service
Dumpster Pad Cleaning on Auto Pilot

One pressure washing cleaning is rarely enough to keep a dumpster pad that is under constant use clean. We provide reliable and affordable recurring dumpster pad pressure washing services to companies in the metro Atlanta area, so they never have to worry about the cleanliness of their dumpster pads again. Whether your facility has one dumpster pad or one hundred, we are happy to deliver recurring, reliable service to ensure the area stays clean and free from unsightly build-up. Contact an Armada Services operations manager today to schedule your quote. 

Our Points of Service

From Dirty to Clean Over Night

We take dumpster pad cleaning seriously. Your Armada Services technician will implement our three-step process every time we visit:

Step One – Site Inspection (Assess)

An Armada Services operations manager and technician will come to your business and assess your dumpster pad area, identifying the root cause of the problem, as well as potential hazards associated with cleaning the area. Food and beverage, no problem – other substances such as oil or hazardous material are no problem either, we will just need to make sure that we are prepared!

Step Two – Getting Ready for the Job (Prepare)

After a complete inspection, your Armada Services technician will remove any large debris and trash around the dumpster pad and take steps to make sure that the water runoff from cleaning is properly channel and recaptured (if necessary) to prevent contaminants from entering the surrounding wastewater drains should they be nearby. Your Armada Services technicians will then secure the area, with high visibility orange cones and prepare to clean your dumpster pad.

Step Three – Getting the Job Done (Execute)

Your Armada Services technician will apply our biodegradable cleaning solution to your dumpster pad from top to bottom to ensure a thorough and consistent clean, and remove all grease, fat and other build-up using pressurized water at temperatures of greater than 180 degrees. Don’t worry, we aren’t done yet! Your Armada Services technician will then clean the areas immediately surrounding your dumpster pad to ensure the entire area is clean and presentable.