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Winter salt and sand can cause premature erosion and rust to your fleet if not cleaned off properly.

Fleet & Heavy Equipment

Pressure Washing Services for the Fleet & Heavy Equipment Industry

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When your equipment is out in the field it gets dirty and there is no getting around it. Whether its dirt, clay, bug splatter or lubricants, when working in and around the metro Atlanta area your equipment is bound to get dirty. We provide on-site cleaning and heavy equipment pressure washing to ensure that your equipment stays running and your operators stay safe. Give us a call today to schedule your heavy equipment and truck pressure washing services.

There When You Need Us

Fleet washing and equipment is never a 9 – 5 job. Your vehicles require cleaning when not in use, whether its the early mornings, late evenings or even on the weekends we are ready and able to provide service to keep you running. Call us today at (470) 263-1235 to schedule an in-person demo on your equipment. 

Ten Pieces, or One Hundred

Whether you operate excavation equipment or a fleet of several over-the-road vehicles, we can take care of your fleet and heavy equipment pressure washing needs. Our fleet of mobile pressure washing vehicles is on the road daily providing equipment cleaning and pressure washing services to fleets across metro Atlanta.

Engine Degreasing 

One of the primary reasons for equipment failure happens under the hood. Engines with excessive build-up of greasy fluids will run hotter than it should, resulting in higher fuel and oil consumption. Over the short-term this will cost you more money, over the long-term this could lead to the failure to identify leaks and other problems. By degreasing and cleaning your engine, your maintenance teams can more easily identify the source of a leak before it becomes a major headache. Your mechanics will thank you for keeping your engine clean as working on a clean engine is much easier than working on one that’s covered in dirt and build-up. 

Trailer Washout

Ensuring your trailer is clean and sanitary is crucial to keeping your trucks on the road, especially if you are hauling agricultural or food products. A dirty trailer can lead to a range of problems including mold and mildew, cross-contamination, food-borne illnesses and pest and insect infestation. The simple solution is to you keep your trailer clean by conducting periodic washouts. When you call Armada Services for your trailer washout in the metro Atlanta area, we ensure timely and efficient on-site service that will keep your trailers clean, safe and on the road. Give us a call today at (470) 263-1235 to schedule your service.

Regional Accounts Program

Does your business have multiple facilities throughout Atlanta and the state of Georgia? Armada is more than happy to serve as your multi-site preferred vendor across the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia.