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According to a BCG more than 80% people who stop for gas are more likely to go inside for an additional purchase if they feel the place is clean.


Pressure Washing Services for the GAS STATION Industry

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Conveniently Keeping Your Gas Station Clean

Here at Armada Services we understand the convenience store business is tough. We also understand that keeping your facility clean, is a great way to drive customers into the store to make additional purchases.



Maintaining a clean gas station exterior is not just an aesthetic decision, it is a business decision. Consumers are more likely to enter the convenience store of gas stations that look clean on the outside. So maintaining a clean gas station exterior, ensures that more customers spend time in your interior. The high-volume traffic of gas stations ensures that they will certainly get dirty, the reliability of Armada Services gas station pressure washing service ensures that they will stay clean. Whether it is the canopy, concrete pad, dumpster pad or store front, Armada Services will keep your gas station clean. Give us a call today at (470) 263-1235 to schedule your quote or service.

Put Your Cleaning on Cruise Control

No need to think about the exterior maintenance and pressure washing of your gas station. With Armada Services we work with you to develop a routine maintenance schedule (monthly, quarterly or bi-annually) at a reasonable price.

Gas station atlanta


If keeping the exterior of your gas station clean were easy, you would do it yourself. Between the environmental considerations, county wastewater laws and customer traffic management, there is a lot to consider. No need to worry, when you contract Armada Services as your gas station pressure washing provider, we take care of all the hard stuff. Our mobile pressure washing vehicles are outfitted with the latest equipment to ensure that we can not only deliver a deep clean, but also remain compliant with local wastewater laws. Our mobile pressure washing vehicles are equipped with water recovery systems which allow our technicians to recover the water, soap and chemicals that are used to clean your gas station, preventing them from going down store drains. 

Regional Accounts Program

Does your business have multiple facilities throughout Atlanta and the state of Georgia? Armada is more than happy to serve as your multi-site preferred vendor across the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia.