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Did you know that periodic pressure washing and exterior cleaning helps reduce the cost of other building services and repairs.


Pressure Washing Services for the OTHER INDUSTRIES

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We help facility and maintenance managers keep their buildings clean, inside and out.



Keeping warehousing and logistics facilities clean is a tough task. If you operate a warehouse or logistics facilities in Atlanta and the surrounding areas that needs to be cleaned, Armada Services should be your first call. Our crews are properly equipped to the deliver the cleaning power needed to rid your facility of tough to remove, dirt, stains, organic material and other contaminants.


Pressure washing agricultural facilities takes highly specialized equipment and training. Agricultural facilities are subject to government inspection and require a high level of caution to ensure that only the right chemicals and cleaning process is followed, so your facility remains compliant with local and federal food and animal safety regulations. Our mobile pressure washing vehicles are equipped with hot water pressure washers that can deliver bacteria and germ-killing power at temperatures of more than 200-degrees Fahrenheit. If your chicken house, horse stall or other agricultural facilities needs a deep and thorough cleaning, give Armada Services a call. 



When you call Armada Services for industrial pressure washing, we roll out the big guns. While our standard mobile pressure washing units are equipped with 8 gallon per minute machines, our heavy-duty industrial pressure washing units are equipped to deliver up to 12 gallons per minute of flow of hot water, delivering all the cleaning power you need to complete your industrial pressure washing job. Whether its an oil field or chemical plant, Armada Services has the equipment and trained technicians needed to get your job done. 


Does your city or town need pressure washing services? Contact Armada Services today to discuss your municipal pressure washing project with one of our operations managers. We are happy to augment your existing equipment base and crew, with Armada Services technicians to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Armada Services is well equipped to deliver serious cleaning power to your municipal pressure washing project, from miles of sidewalk to new construction and more. Give us a call today to discuss your project.

Regional Accounts Program

Does your business have multiple facilities throughout Atlanta and the state of Georgia? Armada is more than happy to serve as your multi-site preferred vendor across the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia.