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95% of shoppers say exterior appearance influences where they decide to shop

Retail & Commercial Property Manager

Pressure Washing Services for the Retail and Office Industry

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With heavy customer foot traffic and regular deliveries, the retail environment is a magnet for dirt and grime. While focus is typically on the inside, Armada Services is acutely focused on maintaining the exterior of your retail property to ensure a great first impression.



As a commercial property manager, you are not just in charge of keeping your properties safe and operating efficiently. You are also responsible for the well-being of your tenants and guests. Armada Services offers reliable commercial pressure washing and exterior maintenance solutions that keep your property looking its best. Let us focus on keeping your property clean so you can focus on managing everything else.

With Armada Services, you get a trusted partner that delivers reliable, consistent and on-time services, all the time. No need to worry about whether we will show up, or if we will answer the phone. Our team of pressure washing technicians and support staff are always available during business hours to address your needs, and provide service around the clock.


The Responsible Choice for Offices & Retail

Maintaining the exterior of your business isn’t just good for aesthetics, it’s good for the bottom line. According to a BCG study, 69% of shoppers say they will not go back to a store they feel is unsanitary and will instead shop at a competitor. Additionally, 37% of shoppers with a store preference say that store cleanliness is the driving force behind their choice.  In today’s competitive retail environment, keeping your commercial property’s exterior pressure washed and cleaned is the right thing to do for your customers and tenants.



Whether you manage a few thousand square feet or multiple properties in different areas, Armada Services knows how important it is for the needs of your business to be taken care of. That’s why we offer a solution for every level of your operations, from once-off pressure washing to a more bespoke solution like a recurring service plan to properly address your property’s exterior maintenance requirements. When you partner with us, you know that we’ll manage the dirt and grime that comes with running a commercial property the right way.


Sidewalk & Common Area Pressure Washing

Your sidewalks and common areas are the first thing a customer sees and can leave a lasting impression. While no one really notices a clean sidewalk, everyone notices a dirty sidewalk.  We’ll help you keep your commercial property clean by developing reliable and consistent pressure washing and exterior maintenance schedule, whether its monthly, quarterly or once a year. We will assess the customer volume and foot traffic of your property and develop a game plan to make sure it stays clean year round.


Building Pressure Washing and Cleaning

Mother nature can be brutal on commercial buildings, particularly given the heat, humidity and erratic weather patterns in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. To combat this, Armada Services provides commercial building pressure washing and softwashing services in and around the metro Atlanta area. Our pressure washing services keep your buildings free of green algae, that is known to build up on the shady side of buildings, as well as other unsightly agents such as dirt, mold, red clay that take away from the appeal of your building.


Dumpster Pad and Compactor Cleaning

Let’s face it, dumpster pads are often the most ignored parts of your property that no one wants to touch or see. It only takes a few days of broken trash bags, beverage spillage and spoiled food to turn your dumpster pad into a magnet for pests, rodents and other critters. We offer recurring dumpster pad cleaning and pressure washing services that keep the area serviceable and reduce infestation from pests and other vectors.


Gum Removal

The build up of gum over time can ruin the appeal of your concrete and sidewalks. While we are accustomed to seeing black specks of gum littered across sidewalks, it shouldn’t be there. Our pressure washing technicians are able to quickly and efficiently remove gum using our hot water pressure washers and a little bit of “elbow grease”.


Graffiti Removal

Graffiti on the side of your buildings can send the wrong message to customers and tenants. Get rid of it quickly by calling Armada Services, we are experts at removing graffiti from buildings and other public areas.


Window Cleaning

Your windows are the eyes of your store. Smudges from fingerprints are unavoidable, however, unsightly build-up caused by bugs, spiderwebs and bird droppings send the wrong message. We are more than happy to quickly and efficiently get your windows sparkling whether as a part of a large pressure washing job or standalone services.



We take exterior maintenance seriously, and you can’t call yourself an exterior maintenance professional without providing landscaping services.  Whether its on-going maintenance or a large project, our landscaping division is prepared to help overhaul your trees, plants, flowers and outdoor decorations. Unlike pressure washing where we aggressively attack dirt, our landscaping team takes a bespoke approach and works with your property management team to ensure that our landscaping design matches your desired outcome.

Regional Accounts Program

Does your business have multiple facilities throughout Atlanta and the state of Georgia? Armada is more than happy to serve as your multi-site preferred vendor across the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia.