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As Clean as the Day You Moved In.

Keeping the exterior of your home clean year-round is a tough job, buy don’t worry we’ve got your covered! Build-up on the exterior of your home can not only be unsightly for the neighbors and the HOA, but can also impact your property value. Whether its Georgia red clay, spider webs or green algae, your Armada Services technician is trained, prepared, and equipped to restore your home to its original beauty.

We clean your home with a three-step process that we implement every time we visit:

Step One – A Home Exterior Inspection (Assess)

The Armada Services technician will come out to your home and assess your entire property. He will look at siding or brick to detect any current problems and assess the materials we need to get the job done.

Step Two – Getting Ready for the Job (Prepare)

After a complete property inspection, your Armada Services technician will take steps to ensure your belongings are protected by covering or moving outdoor furniture, taping-off outlets and placing protective plastic bags over outdoor electronics such as security cameras and motion lights. This is done to ensure our cleaning solution doesn’t damage your belongings.

Step Three – Getting the Job Done (Execute)

Your Armada Services technician will apply our biodegradable cleaning solution to your home, top to bottom to ensure a thorough and consistent clean. Don’t worry, we will even get the spider webs! Upon departure your technician will remove all tape and covers previously applied, while you marvel at the exterior of your home, as clean as the day you moved in. 


Not Just for Any Home. Your Home.

The exterior of your home is your first line of defense against pests, bugs and other critters. Build-up of spider webs, pollen, dirt and grime naturally attract things that you would prefer to keep outside of your home. Maintaining a clean home exterior helps keep those things away, so you can worry less about pest control. 

The Armada Guarantee

We're not satisfied until you're satisfied.

Atlanta homes are notorious for attracting green algae, particularly on the shadyside which receives minimal sun. If you happen to live in an area prone to reoccurring organic material build-up and want to make sure that your home stays clean year-round, sign up for our Armada Club®, for recurring annual service and receive a discount on future service visits. 

You spent good money on your home, the last thing you want to do is damage it by using a less than stellar pressure washing company. Give us a call today to schedule your service.

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